Innovation and Selection. Wines for every kind of occasion, a clear example of selection during the entire production process.

Production of the Veritas range began fifteen years ago, but it wasn´t until 2013 that the range as we know it today was completed, a clear example of innovation and selection. The winery´s most extensive range, it is ideal for the most demanding palates and those who are willing to experiment and discover new types of wines based on local varieties, while always taking care with the selection of both the vine and the grapes themselves at the plant, and selecting the best barrels.

Brut Nature

Brut Nature Rosat



Vinyes Velles




VeritasBrut Nature

The Brut Nature of Binissalem created from the local Moll variety using the traditional champenoise


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VeritasBrut Nature Rosat

Our Brut Nature created from the local Mantonegro variety.


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A pale rosé that is surprisingly aromatic made from Mantonegro.

Mantonegro and others

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An unctuous white wine thanks to three months aging in barrels.

Moll and Chardonnay

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VeritasVinyes Velles

A red wine aged for a year produced using our oldest vines.

Mantonegro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Callet and Sirah

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Our most emblematic Reserva, based on the local Mantonegro and Callet red grape varieties aged for 32 months between barrel and bottle.

Mantonegro, Callet and Cabernet Sauvignon

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Our sweet white, a fruity and fresh, 100% small grain moscatel.

Muscat of Small Grain

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Our sweet red, a mild and fruity 100% Mantonegro wine.